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Mr Blobby (1993)


'Mr Blobby' was released on the 1st November 1993, featuring a wide range of clips from 'Noel's House Party' and a few new ones too.

Within the first 3 weeks of its release 200,000 copies were sold, making it BBC Enterprises' fastest-selling video.

It's also the only VHS tape to not credit Barry Killerby, the original actor who played Mr Blobby.

Title Screen
Rolling Text
Mr Blobby and Wayne Sleep
Mr Blobby attempts to get fit.
Noel and Mr Blobby build a shed.
Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds
Noel teaches Mr Blobby some DIY...
Garth Crooks teaches Blobby footie!
Causing havoc in ASDA.
Blobby Evacuates the Plane
Baby Blobby's first appearance!

Blobbyvision (1994)

'BlobbyVision' was released on 10th October 1994 with lots of never seen before sketches including Blobwatch and Postman Blob, imagining what Mr Blobby's own television channel would be like!
The tape was priced at £10.99 and was filmed at the Crinkley Bottom Theme Park, Somerset and BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London.
blobbyvision filming.jpg
Mr Blobby

The All New Adventures of Mr Blobby (1996)

'The All New Adventures of Mr Blobby' was released on the 5th February 1996 with fun clips including James Blob, a James Bond parody, and Blobby the Bellboy. It starred some famous faces including Bill Pertwee and Ian Lavender (Dad's Army). It was the final VHS tape to be released, with Noel's House Party ending 3 years later due to disputes and poor ratings.
Title Screen
Mr Blobby the Bell Boy
Mr Blobby goes fishing
Mr Blobby the Parking Attendant
Mr Blobby joins a convent
Mr Blobby goes Water Skiing
Mr Blobby goes Water Skiing
Mr Blobby Busks
James Blob
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