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Mr Blobby was very helpful making sure you never lost your keys!

Downpace Ltd. released a selection of keyrings; a 3D detailed style in three poses; and a flat, round range with various illustrated designs.


3D Figurine Keyrings


Downpace Ltd. produced three versions of their 3D figurine keyrings. Two sitting and one standing. They also added Valentine's themed slogans to them, the perfect Blobby gift for your loved one.


2D Keyrings

Downpace Ltd. also released several 2D keyrings. Many in a circular plastic style with various designs.

The moulded Blobby-shaped keyrings were also produced as wobbly magnets which wobbled and bounced on your fridge door.


A set of eight collectable keyrings were produced by Dufort and Sons Ltd., based in Cornwall. These were a similar style to the Downpace Ltd. badge set, but with different designs, including Mr and Mrs Blobby in the car, and Mr Blobby riding a bike.

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