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Not only could you buy games and toys in the 90s, but you could also wear Mr. Blobby on your sleeve with the clothing released.

You could buy personalised shirts and hats, alongside sweaters and costumes!



Shirts and Sweaters

There were lots of Mr Blobby clothes available to buy, especially in high street shops and theme parks. They were the perfect way for a fan to show their love for Mr Blobby, and still are! Various designs were available to buy in Marks & Spencer, Littlewoods and Woolworths, including adult, child and baby sizes. Personalisable t-shirts were also available, along with specific clothing for charity events. 



There were various Mr Blobby hats produced in the 90s, great for looking snazzy! 



These cute slippers from the 'Slipper Club' were the perfect addition to any Blobby fan's collection!

PMS International's range

PMS International Ltd. produced a wide range of Mr Blobby products in the 90s.

Shown here is their rucksack and mask, two accessories that go perfectly with a Blobby shirt!

You can view more of their products here.

backpack! He measures a whopping 18 inch

Roller skates

Mr Blobby even had his own roller skates!

With a vibrant design, they allowed fans to make just as much mayhem as Mr Blobby zooming around.



Horsman Ltd. (Oxfordshire) distributed Mr Blobby wristwatches in a variety of colours, all complete with their own gift box featuring the solid red logo.

The watches themselves used the 'Cool Blobby' design which among many products, was also featured on the "Blobby Is Best" badge which came with the 7" vinyl single of Mr Blobby's hit song! 


Marks & spencer tie

Marks & Spencer not only released a Mr Blobby Birthday Cake, they also made a Mr Blobby tie; so you could go to that important meeting in style!

The tie is navy blue with Blobbies tumbling down, surrounded by red and green spots.

It's 100% polyester and 100% Blobby!


Smiffy's Inflatable Costume

The only officially licensed item still available from the retailer is Smiffy's inflatable Mr Blobby costume.

The suits inflates to recreate Mr Blobby's stature and comes complete with gloves to finish the look. It retails at £65.99 and has become a popular choice for stag dos!

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Wellington Boots

There were even Mr Blobby Wellington Boots, they're dark blue with yellow soles and have a fun rainy day design.


M&S Socks

Marks & Spencer produced a variety of Mr Blobby socks, which went well with their Mr Blobby tie, perfect to complete your office attire!

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