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There were a few Mr Blobby games released in the 90s, providing fun for all the family!

Mr. Blobby's Big Fun Board Games consists of two game boards: 'At the Seaside' and 'A Race Through Blobbyland'. A simple design by BMI Ltd. resembling the classic Snakes and Ladders format.


Mr. Blobby Drives You Crazy consists of moving parts so Mr Blobby causes chaos as he drives around the track.

It's a complex, well-made design from Ideal Toys, based on the family favourite, Mousetrap. 


The Mr. Blobby Video Game, released for the Amiga and PC, is a platform video game where you can play as Mr Blobby, Mrs Blobby and Baby Blobby colourising the black and white screen as you move around, made by Millennium Interactive in 1994.

It originally cost £19.99 upon release and wasn't particularly favoured by critics, but was well loved by fans. 

Mr Blobby Amiga
Mr Blobby Amiga

Mr. Blobby at the Football Factory is a Systema (UK) Ltd. handheld LCD game where you control Mr Blobby to collect footballs from the factory conveyor belt in eight levels. 

The small handheld console allowed fans to play on the go.


The Mr Blobby Goes Fishing board game consists of players using magnetic fishing rods to catch fish, distributed by PIC Toys Ltd.

The fish are worth varying amounts of points, but others are marked "Mr Blobby's Fish" so Mr Blobby can win too!

The game board folds away easily and is simple to set up, providing fun for all the family.