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Dobwalls 4.PNG

Dobwalls Leaflet 1997

Dobwalls Adventure Park in Cornwall opened in 1970 as a forest railroad park as the brainchild of locomotive enthusiast John Southern. It had several miniature trains based on their American (larger) counterparts which traveled along two main lines, the 'Rio Grande' and ‘Union Pacific'. The miniature railway quickly became one of Cornwall's most popular attractions.


Mr Blobby joined the park in 1997 but, unlike Cricket St Thomas and Happy Mount Park, his arrival didn’t involve a complete rebranding to ‘Crinkley Bottom’. Instead, small parts of the park were rebranded including the 'Krazee Kavern', an indoor play area with ball pools filled with pink and yellow plastic balls, and murals on the walls featuring the Blobby family riding the trains at the park.

Dobwalls 1.PNG

Mr Blobby in the Krazee Kavern ball pool on his opening day at the park.

Dobwalls 2.PNG

Mr Blobby on his very own Supakart! Credit: Philip Waters

Outside the Krazee Kavern building stood a 'Blobbymania' stage where shows were performed. A specially painted pink chair was located nearby for meet and greets where children could have their photograph taken with Mr Blobby. 

Pink go-karts were introduced on the already existing ‘Supakarts’ track on the east-side of the park which Mr Blobby could also be seen riding! 


The park closed in 2006 and was demolished, with most of the miniature locomotives heading to Australia where they're still used today.

Dobwalls 6.jpg

Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds on the opening day.

Dobwalls 3.PNG

The Blobbymania stage outside the Krazee Kavern.

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