Mr Blobby took over the toy shelves in the 90s, but he could also be found in the food section too! From cakes to ketchup bottles, here's the barmy range of edible blobbies!



Lemonade cans

The Dorset brewery Hall and Woodhouse Ltd. stocked the shelves with three variants of, fittingly, pink lemonade.

They were a real hit, becoming a memorable part of people's childhood growing up in the 90s.

They were available in Woolworths where you could grab a 150ml can for 20p!

Tomato Ketchup

Mr Blobby had his own brand of tomato ketchup, manufactured by the North Yorkshire based company Hazelwood Preserves Ltd. They were available in various sizes.

Mr Blobby sweet-filled Cracker

The Mr Blobby Cracker was manufactured by Choc-U-Luv Ltd. (Scotland).

The cracker extends to reveal a bag of Mr Blobby-shaped jelly sweets inside.

The sweets were originally a red/pink colour, but after 24 years they've now turned a rather unappetising shade of brown.

confectionery Containers

Choc-U-Luv Ltd. produced a few edible Blobby confectionery products.

Two of which included a 3.5 inch tall waving Mr Blobby figure.

The first is a container that doubles as a piggy bank, enclosing fruit flavoured gummy teddies, shaped as Mr Blobby which were also sold in the Mr Blobby Cracker.

The second was packaged as a tube, containing sugar coated milk chocolate beans.

The figures could be removed and kept as a toy. One also appeared in the 'warning certificate' on BlobbyVision (1994), alongside a Downpace Ltd. money bank.


Mr Blobby joined the Princess Marshmallows range, manufactured by Taveners, bringing sugary goodness to Blobby fans around the UK.

Mr Blobby Cake

Marks and Spencers had a few Mr Blobby items in their stores in the 90s.

One of their most popular products was their Mr Blobby Birthday Cake, they sold 16,000 every week! They were the perfect way to celebrate a Blobby fan's Birthday. 

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