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Crinkley Bottom Village

Noel’s House Party not only brought us Mr Blobby, but also the fictional village of Crinkley Bottom. The Great House was set in this village, and eventually extended to Noel’s Garden Party in 1993, a travelling theme park where visitors could become residents for the day.

Then, in 1994, two theme parks (Cricket St. Thomas, Somerset and Happy Mount Park, Morecambe) became permanent and more exciting versions of the Garden Party. (Though the Morecambe endeavour three weeks…see our Theme Parks page for more!)

Merchandise was produced to promote Crinkley Bottom, including mugs, badges, books and a set of specially commissioned plates.


“My ideal village of Crinkley Bottom has only ever lived in my imagination. I never thought it would – or could – live anywhere else. When I commissioned Mick Bensley to conjure up my vision of Crinkley Bottom, I knew he was going to come close to it. I am so amazed and delighted at how he exceeded my wildest hopes that I am proud to have my signature appear on each numbered plate.”

– Noel Edmonds, 1994


The artist - Mick Bensley

Royal Doulton has produced unique pottery since 1815 including decorative plates and dinnerware. In 1994 they were commissioned to create a set of nine plates depicting various scenes within Crinkley Bottom and what life would possibly be like there. This presented a more countrified version compared with the Mr Blobby-focused theme parks which also had their own distinctive styles.

They were designed by landscape artist Mick Bensley who created these serene viewpoints, including a village fete, the schoolhouse, constabulary and the village green. Each image also includes Noel Edmonds hidden like a rural Where’s Wally! The plates are all limited edition and individually numbered with their own certificates of authenticity.


'The Village Green'

'The Coaching Inn'

'Saturday Matineé'


'The Village Pond'

'The Castle Ruins'

'Down on the Farm'


'On the Beat'


'School Days'


Finale - 'The Village Fête'

A small selection of memorabilia was produced alongside these plates, including mugs, badges, thimbles and even a book depicting what village life was like in Crinkley Bottom.

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