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Mr Blobby at the Norfolk Showground Spectacular in September 1997

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A fan meets her hero!

Though Mr Blobby appeared in live events with Noel Edmonds such as Noel’s Garden Party, he also appeared on his lonesome across the UK during the 1990s. These appearances ranged from simple meet-and-greets with fans, to full-blown shows with gunge, the Grab-a-Grand machine, games and prizes which would last the whole day. 

He also went on his own roadshow up and down the country in 1998 called the “Live and Tickling” tour which took place from May to September. 

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Mr Blobby causing havoc with the crew from Graham Fisher's It's a Knockout
Credit: Paul K Wilkins

During the late nineties and early noughties, Mr Blobby also joined the Graham Fisher’s It’s A Knockout team where participants would partake in inflatable obstacle courses along with plenty of foam to slip around in!


Mr Blobby also appeared switching on Christmas lights, and in various charity campaigns, including Noel Edmonds’ ‘Airborne’ charity which took seriously ill children on helicopter rides.

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Mr Blobby, Noel Edmonds, and Anne-Marie, Airborne's 5000th child posing with the charity's helicopter in Suffolk, 1996.


'Noel's Garden Party' was an annual event, bringing Noel's House Party and Crinkley Bottom to life. The 1993 Garden Party took place at Haydock and Doncaster Racecourse for two weekends in August.


Over 100,000 people visited the event, alongside numerous celebrities including Tony Blackburn, Anthea Turner and Mr Blobby. Noel Edmonds himself said that "this way, everybody gets the chance to be a [Crinkley Bottom] villager for the day."

The Official Programme from the event features some brilliant photographs and details of what visitors were able to experience, badges and t-shirts were also available for visitors to take home. 


A Noel's Garden Party pin badge.

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The Crinkley Bottom Coaching Inn. Credit: Elaine Hill

Garden Party 2.PNG

Mr Blobby on his Blobbymobile! Credit: Elaine Hill

Crinkley Bottom hits the road.png

'Crinkley Bottom Hits the Road' - The Sun, 31st July 1993.

Garden Party 1.PNG

Daily Express Supplement - 30th August 1993

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