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Whitehouse Leisure


To celebrate Mr Blobby's 20th Anniversary in 2012, Whitehouse Leisure released three new Mr Blobby plush toys, measuring at 7, 9 and 22 inches tall.

These are the latest official Mr Blobby merchandise to be released and were often sold at funfairs and arcades.

Whitehouse Leisure even created a Mr Blobby Claw Machine filled with the plush toys!

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Whitehouse Leisure

The Gift Corporation


The Gift Corporation, based in Northampton, produced the largest range of Mr Blobby plush toys in the 1990s.

They were manufactured by Horsman, a division of Gata Box Ltd. and made in China.

They made toys of the whole Blobby family in various sizes and editions, and also expanded to window suckers and pyjama cases.

The Gift Corporation

PMS International


PMS International Ltd. have produced the widest range of Mr Blobby merchandise to date.

Creating over 50 exclusive products, their merchandise filled the toy shelves in the 90s.

They created stationery, beach balls and even a tent, their full range was so large it needed its own separate catalogue, featuring our namesake!

They're still active today producing thousands of branded products, you can view their website here.

PMS International



Lledo has created thousands of promotional model cars over the years, so it was inevitable that Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds would join their coveted collection. 

Noel's House Party also joined in with the Crinkley Bottom collection made in accordance with the Radio Times magazine and TV Times. They featured various designs, including the popular TV segments NTV and Wait Till I Get You Home. They also created a range of vehicles for the imagined day-to-day life in the fictional village of Crinkley Bottom, from the newsagents to the collectors' club.

There were sixteen models available to buy via postal order for £5.25 each, and were also sold at various stores, including the Crinkley Bottom Theme Park at Cricket St. Thomas, Somerset. 


Alpha Marketing Ltd. was a sister company to Downpace Ltd. created by Neville Crumpton in 1993. He secured eight of the available twenty licences to sell Mr Blobby merchandise, resulting in a huge range of products adding to the Blobbymania fuel. 

Crumpton's office in Stourbridge was described as being "cluttered with blow-up Blobbies, Blobby key-rings, Blobby lunch-boxes, Blobby mugs, Blobby fridge-magnets and much more."


Crumpton earned £350,000 within four months in 1993 alone, proving Mr Blobby to be a very successful business venture. He sold more than 60,000 badges, 75,000 key-rings, 19,000 mugs and 15,000 lunch boxes within that time. He commented at the time "I can't say why,but I just knew Mr Blobby would become a household name. It was a shot in the dark, but it certainly hit the bullseye. Now I hope he makes me a million."

Alpha Marketing

PIC Toys (UK) Ltd.

PIC Toys were responsible for a multitude of branded board games and toys in the 80s and 90s. They created products for Sooty, Postman Pat and Mr Blobby!

Their creations were weird and wonderful, view their Blobby merchandise below.

PIC Toys
Blobberly Eyes

A cardboard backing with plastic domes create these Blobby glasses, complete with springs to give the full effect, resembling Mr Blobby's googly eyes.

Big Stencil and Draw

A Blobby-themed arts and crafts set, use the stencil to create the Blobby family, cut them out and stick them down to make your own Blobby picture.

Includes a stencil; pink with yellow spots paper; tracing paper; plain paper; eraser; pencil sharpener; safety scissors; HB pencil; and 6 coloured pens.

Mr Blobby Goes Fishing

A Mr Blobby board game where players use magnetic fishing rods to catch fish.

The fish are worth varying amounts of points, but others are marked "Mr Blobby's Fish" so Mr Blobby can win too!

The game board folds away easily and is simple to set up, providing fun for all the family.


Mr Blobby's Barmy Balloony


Mr Blobby's Barmy Balloony contained card features such as belts and sunglasses to attach onto pink balloons, making your own member of the Blobby family!

The pink balloons were moulded by their collars, creating Mr Blobby's pear-shaped body.

The set also included stick on yellow dots, to create Mr Blobby's unusual complexion along with various eye shapes and facial features.

The set came in a handy carry case.


Armitage Bros. PLC

Armitage Bros. PLC, based in Nottingham, made a one-off Mr Blobby 20cm tall Dog Chew Toy.

Though Mr Blobby never had a Blobby Dog on TV, this toy depicts what a pink and yellow pooch may have looked like. It even squeaks when you squeeze it!

Armitage Bros. PLC
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