From teapots to egg cups, Mr Blobby's got you covered in the kitchen.

He famously tormented Peter Hudson and David Halls when making a mess in the kitchen on their Noel's House Party Gotcha!


Lunchboxes and Drinks bottles

There were plenty of Mr Blobby lunchboxes to take with you on a picnic back in the 90s. 

Why not view our Blobby food page to see what these could've been used to carry?

Melamine Plates

There were several Mr Blobby melamine plates and bowls. Shown here is a large tray, egg cup plate; plate; and bowl. Perfect for any Blobby fan with fun designs.

Lap & Play Tray

The Mr Blobby Lap & Play Tray was released by The Icarus Company (Bournemouth), they also made similar trays for brands such as Noddy and Ghostbusters. 

Egg Cup and Mug set

Downpace Ltd released a matching egg cup and mug set, with a blue background design that appears on both. The mug is much smaller than the standard Mr Blobby mugs that were available.

Grange House Range

The Grange House Mr Blobby range, by Harvergrange Plc (Kent) consisted of four boxed Mr Blobby ornaments, with five products in total. They released a teapot; cookie jar; utensil holder; soap dish, and a toothbrush holder. All were shaped as Mr Blobby and were packaged in gift boxes.

Party Plates

Partysan (Tamworth, Staffordshire) released a pack of eight plastic coated board bowls with a very colourful design.


Downpace Ltd., part of Alpha Marketing Ltd. released numerous branded mugs in the 90s with various designs and slogans. They managed to sell 19,000 Mr Blobby mugs within just four months! You can read more about the company's success on our Toys Page.

Why not put your Blobby kitchenalia to good use by painting a hard boiled egg or baking some gingerbread blobbies? 
Here are our examples!

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