In December 1993, Mr Blobby beat Take That with his self-titled song 'Mr Blobby' to the top spot making him Christmas No. 1, released by Destiny Music.

These are all of his musical endeavours, including a full length album set in the style of Desert Island Discs hosted by Tony Blackburn and featuring Noel Edmonds as Mr Blobby's interpreter. 

'Mr blobby' single

Released on 22nd November 1993, Mr Blobby's self-titled song became a surprise hit, beating Take That to the Christmas No. 1 spot. It was released by Destiny Music Ltd. on vinyl, CD and cassette, reaching Platinum in the UK.

Vinyl Release

The 7" Vinyl Single featured Mr Blobby's hit song as the A-

Side and the Mr Blobby Theme Tune heard on Noel's House Party as the B-Side. The Vinyl Record came exclusively with a 'Blobby Is Best' Badge, with artwork by B Sanders and manufactured by Downpace Ltd. 

A jukebox version was also released.

CD Release

The CD Single was released in two packaging variants, a regular jewel case and a card sleeve. Two bonus tracks appear on the CD release, an instrumental version of Mr Blobby's self-titled song, and a 5 second clip of Mr Blobby saying his signature catchphrase "Blobby, blobby, blobby!"


Cassette Release

The cassette release plays two tracks, 'Mr Blobby' and 'Mr Blobby's Theme', the same as the vinyl record and plays the same on both sides.

Destiny Music also released the official sheet music for Mr Blobby's hit single. Written by Paul Shaw and David Rogers and published by International Music Publications Limited. 



Christmas in Blobbyland

'Christmas In Blobbyland' was released in 1995 as the single promoting 'Mr Blobby - The Album', and was available on CD and Cassette.

Mr Blobby - The Album

Mr Blobby - The Album was released in 1994 by Destiny Music. It's presented in the style of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, where Radio DJ and Noel's House Party regular Tony Blackburn plays some of Mr Blobby's favourite songs, with Noel Edmonds acting as his translator. It features 15 tracks spanning over 56 minutes and was recorded at R G Jones Studios, Wimbledon.

Mr Blobby

(BBC Young Collection)

The 1994 BBC Young Collection release of the Mr Blobby cassette tape features 6 audio stories, featuring Barry Killerby (the original Mr Blobby actor) as various characters as well as the voice of Mr Blobby. 

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