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'Mr blobby' single

Mr Blobby with Take That, who he beat to Christmas number one.

Released on 22nd November 1993, Mr Blobby's self-titled song became a surprise hit, beating Take That to the Christmas No. 1 spot. It was released by Destiny Music Ltd. on vinyl, CD and cassette, reaching Platinum in the UK, selling over 600,000 copies.

Lynda Hayes - Lead Singer

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“Blobby, Mr Blobby, you’re the one who bears the pink and yellow crest, Blobby, Mr Blobby, you’ll always prove that Blobby is the best.” These lyrics were heard by millions in 1993, when Mr Blobby’s self-titled hit single became Christmas No. 1. But it’s not Mr Blobby who sings the song, that was down to session singer Lynda Hayes.


Her smooth American voice combined with her fabulous energy brought the lyrics to life, yet very few associate the song with her. Even if you’ve not heard the Mr Blobby song, you’re likely to have come across Lynda’s voice before. “There’s a magical place, we’re on our way there, with toys in their millions, all under one roof…” remember that? She sang the infectious Toys R Us advert, Wham!’s ‘Young Guns (Go For It)’, and has performed in front of Princess Diana and Prince Charles at the Royal Variety Performance.

Working with the highly successful pop duo Wham! had been a bittersweet experience for Lynda, she provided and sang lyrics for the rap in their song ‘Young Guns (Go For It)’, but received no credit and was mimed to in the music video. She didn’t want to be taken advantage of again, hoping history wouldn’t repeat itself.

Mr Blobby, unfortunately, went a similar way for Lynda. The song was originally going to be a jingle to be played when Mr Blobby came on stage, however after recording the song, the BBC said they wanted to release it as a single. Michael Leggo, executive producer of Noel’s House Party explained:

‘I was rung up by a record producer, who said “can I make a single with Mr Blobby?” and we were on a bit of a role […] in a rather arrogant way. I said “well I’m only doing a single with Mr Blobby if he can be the Christmas number 1!” and the producer on the other end of the phone said “you’re on!”’ – Michael Leggo speaking in 2014

The BBC wanted to release the single, but as Lynda was only paid £150 (much less than a full single), she was underpaid and hadn’t even been told until the song was complete, so she refused to sign the release form. It was then a huge (and unpleasant) surprise for Lynda to hear the song being played on the radio despite not signing over the rights. She spent thousands in legal action against the BBC with no avail, so when it reached platinum in the UK, selling over 600,000 copies and became the record of the year, it rubbed salt into an already deep wound. Lynda refused to appear on Top of the Pops to perform the song, so backing singer of the song, Shezwae Powell-Gibbons, mimed to Lynda’s vocals on the show.

Though financially it was a terrible and long ordeal, we hope that now Lynda will finally get the recognition she deserves for bringing Mr Blobby’s song to life. Her career has provided many iconic adverts and songs over the years, some of which you can hear on her vocal showreel here.

If you’d like to show your support for Lynda, you can also visit her Etsy shops where she sells paintings, handmade jewellery, and hand-painted tambourines here.

(We interviewed Lynda in November 2020, all information was correct at the time of the interview)


Vinyl Release

The 7" Vinyl Single featured Mr Blobby's hit song as the A-

Side and the Mr Blobby Theme Tune heard on Noel's House Party as the B-Side. The Vinyl Record came exclusively with a 'Blobby Is Best' Badge, with artwork by B Sanders and manufactured by Downpace Ltd. 

A jukebox version was also released.


CD Release

The CD Single was released in two packaging variants, a regular jewel case and a card sleeve. Two bonus tracks appear on the CD release, an instrumental version of Mr Blobby's self-titled song, and a 5 second clip of Mr Blobby saying his signature catchphrase "Blobby, blobby, blobby!"



Cassette Release

The cassette release plays two tracks, 'Mr Blobby' and 'Mr Blobby's Theme', the same as the vinyl record and plays the same on both sides.


Destiny Music also released the official sheet music for Mr Blobby's hit single. Written by Paul Shaw and David Rogers and published by International Music Publications Limited. 



Christmas in Blobbyland

'Christmas In Blobbyland' was released in 1995 as the single promoting 'Mr Blobby - The Album', and was available on CD and Cassette.


Mr Blobby - The Album

Mr Blobby - The Album was released in 1994 by Destiny Music. It's presented in the style of BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, where Radio DJ and Noel's House Party regular Tony Blackburn plays some of Mr Blobby's favourite songs, with Noel Edmonds acting as his translator. It features 15 tracks spanning over 56 minutes and was recorded at R G Jones Studios, Wimbledon.

The album was released on CD and cassette.


Mr Blobby

(BBC Young Collection)

The 1994 BBC Young Collection release of the Mr Blobby cassette tape features 6 audio stories, featuring Barry Killerby (the original Mr Blobby actor) as various characters as well as the voice of Mr Blobby. 


Compilation Appearances

Mr Blobby's hit single has been featured on various compilations, here's a selection of them. He's also on the Red Nose Day CD release of 'Is This the Way to Amarillo', in which he appeared in the 2005 music video with Peter Kay.