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Mr Blobby during one of his live appearances.


Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds outside the Blobbyland play area.

Opening 2nd July 1994, Mr Blobby took over the already thriving Cricket St. Thomas Wildlife Park near Chard, Somerset. The wildlife park, which opened in the 1960s, housed all sorts of wildlife including leopards, zebras, flamingoes, elephants, and ring-tailed lemurs. 

The park enabled visitors to explore Mr Blobby's house: 'Dunblobbin', which imagined what Mr Blobby’s life was like when he wasn’t bouncing around on Noel’s House Party. Fans could see Mr, Mrs and Baby Blobby in various live events and have their photo taken with the infamous blob. Blobbyland (later named Cuckooland) housed a children’s play area, while the high street provided a glimpse at Crinkley Bottom with shops including a bakery and the Blobby shop. Two trains took visitors around the grounds and across the valley, boasting picturesque views of the landscape and free roaming deer. 


'Dunblobbin' - Mr Blobby's House


Cricket House, known as the filming location for 'To the Manor Born'


Crinkley Bottom High Street with the train, Noddy, and Big Ears


The whole Blobby family during a live show

Over the large grounds Mr Blobby wasn't the only children's character housed at the park. Noddy was a firm favourite with his 'Noddy in Toytown' attraction, along with costume characters who fans could meet. 'The Magic Roundabout's' Dougal, Zebedee and friends could be found in the 'TV's Family Favourites' water ride, a dark ride where visitors would be taken through the world of television, passing scenes featuring Doctor Who's K-9 and a Dalek, The Clangers and Bill & Ben the Flowerpot Men. 


The Magic Roundabout section of the TV's Family Favourites ride

Cricket 1.jpeg

A side view of Mr Blobby's house 'Dunblobbin'

Shops at the park sold a large range of Mr Blobby memorabilia, along with park-specific merchandise including badges, tea-towels and mugs - see our theme park merchandise page to view these! With the existing wildlife, fame from its use in the BBC's 'To the Manor Born', and huge range of family activities, Crinkley Bottom was a hit during the mid-nineties. It was also used as a filming location for Mr Blobby's second VHS tape, 'BlobbyVision'.

In 1999, Warner Leisure bought the park and grounds and began phasing out the wildlife element. The park now consists of an adults-only hotel in and around Cricket House with most remnants of Mr Blobby being taken or demolished. 

For a more detailed look into Crinkley Bottom at Cricket St Thomas, please visit our good friends at Dunblobbin - The Unofficial Crinkley Bottom Museum

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