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Pleasurewood 1.PNG

Mr Blobby and Woody Bear on the dodgems.

Pleasurewood Hills 4.png

Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds on the Cannonball Express.

First opening in 1983, Pleasurewood Hills was originally an American-themed park with their brown bear mascot, Woody. In 1995, Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby began a three-year stint at the park. Unlike Cricket St Thomas, this wasn’t a complete rebranding and this contributed to its success. Noel Edmonds said: “CBTV is designed simply as an attraction that fits in with all the other things that you can do here.”

The Castle Theatre became the 'Crinkley Bottom Castle' where daily shows took place and visitors could go in the famous Gunge Tank from 'Noel's House Party' and the 'Grab-a-Grand' Tank. The building had signs advertising it as ‘Crinkley Bottom Television Studios’ or ‘CBTV’ with a satellite dish and broadcasting van parked nearby. A flag flew at the top of the castle made from Mr Blobby’s ‘trousers’. There was a dedicated Crinkley Bottom shop, where various Mr Blobby merchandise could be purchased. The park’s entrance featured a large sign with Mr Blobby on, but he co-existed with the park’s mascots: Woody, Clarence, and Ronnie.

Pleasurewood Hills 5.jpeg

Entrance to the Crinkley Bottom Castle.

Pleasurewood 2.PNG

Mr Blobby inside the Crinkley Bottom Castle with his co-stars.

On their opening day, Mr Blobby and Noel Edmonds cut the ribbon for the Cannonball Express rollercoaster which is still there today. Visitors could have meet and greets with Mr Blobby and, on certain days, Noel Edmonds would also make an appearance. Pleasurewood Hills is still open today with many of the attractions that were there when Mr Blobby was a resident including Hyper Drive and sea lions.

Pleasurewood 3.PNG

Mr Blobby during one of his meet and greets with fans. Credit: Rachael Kenny


The Pleasurewood Hills Crinkley Bottom General Store, supplying a large range of Blobby merchandise.


1997 Leaflet


1996 Leaflet


1995 Leaflet

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