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These days anyone can publish a book, even Mr Blobby, despite his limited vocabulary!

BBC Children's Books released a few activity books in the 90s, with wonderful illustrations by The County Studio. They also released a Joke Book with the help of Radio Times readers, entering in their best blobby jokes! Here are all of the books available in his heyday, with every page available to read. 


The Official Mr Blobby Annual

The 1995 Mr Blobby Annual is surprisingly the only Blobby Annual that was ever released. It's filled with original photographs, puzzle pages and cartoons.  There's also a 'Mr Blobby Special', which is the exact same release but as a paperback edition. 

Mr Blobby's Make & Do Book

The Mr Blobby Make & Do Book, published in 1993 by BBC Children's Books is a 32 page activity book featuring recipes, finger puppets and lots more.

Mr Blobby Make & Do

Mr Blobby's Hidden History Activity Book

Mr Blobby's Hidden History Activity Book was published in 1994. It features puzzles and puns referring to various historical figures and a few other less credible ones, such as Blobbin Hood!

Mr Blobby's Joke Book

The Mr Blobby Joke Book was collated by the Radio Times, allowing members of the public to submit their Blobby jokes. 

One of these lucky winners is Charlotte Jackson, who was introduced on Series 14, Episode 14 of BBC Two's quiz show Only Connect in the Time Ladies team (originally broadcast 21st January 2019).

2019, Series 14, Episode 14) Charlotte J