With fame comes publicity, Mr Blobby intrigued the nation so it's no surprise that he was being asked for interviews left, right and centre.

Here are some print releases featuring Mr Blobby back in his heyday and a few more recent ones too.


Theatrical Appearances

'Cinderella' at the Theatre Royal Hanley, 1997

with Diane Louise Jordan and Ruth Madoc

The Children's Royal Variety Performance

with The Chuckle Brothers, Chris Jarvis and Billie Piper

'Cinderella' at the Grimsby Auditorium, 1996

with Richard Cadell and Don Crann

Mr Blobby wasn't just a hero on the screen, he made just as much mess on the stage too! He performed in pantomimes up and down the country from 1995 to 2004. Here are some of those theatrical appearances. 

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