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Many creative products were made for Blobby fans ranging from Superdrug's Christmas wrapping paper to decapitating pencil cases!

Perfect for completing the Make and Do Book.

Here's a large selection of Mr Blobby arts and crafts from a range of companies.


PMS International Range

PMS International Ltd. acquired the most Mr Blobby licenses in the 90s, many of their products were arts and crafts related, but you can view their full range and find out more about them on our Toys Page.

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Christmas Wrapping Paper

Superdrug sold Mr Blobby Christmas wrapping paper in the 90s, with various designs. They were sold for 99p for 6 sheets and 6 gift tags.


Big Stencil and Draw Set

The Big Stencil and Draw Set is a Blobby-themed arts and crafts set by PIC Toys (UK) Ltd. Use the stencil to create the Blobby family, cut them out and stick them down to make your own Blobby picture.

Includes a stencil; pink with yellow spots paper; tracing paper; plain paper; eraser; pencil sharpener; safety scissors; HB pencil; and 6 coloured pens.


Fun Dough Play Moulds

Mr Blobby Fun Dough Play Moulds by Bravo Inc. allowed fans to make their own plasticine models of the whole Blobby family. Included were a set of plastic moulds resembling Mr Blobby, Mrs Blobby and Baby Blobby.


Mr Blobby and Family Moulding Set

Crown & Andrews (Reading), produced the Mr Blobby and Family Moulding Set.

The set contains three rubber moulds, one of each blobby family member; 1 300g sachet of Plaster of Paris; 4 paints; 1 paint brush; 1 moulded painting centre and 1 mould support.

The set allowed fans to create plaster models which could then be painted, the moulds produce high quality, detailed models that would brighten up any room!


Jarol Knitting Patterns

Jarol produced two Mr Blobby knitting patterns.

A children's sweater with a fab Blobby design, featuring the classic blue border and eyelashes sewn on top to achieve Mr Blobby's good looks!

The second is a soft toy, so every child could have their own cuddly Blob!

They were designed by Sue Whiting.


Mr Blobby's Barmy Balloony


Mr Blobby's Barmy Balloony was produced by PIC Toys (UK) Ltd.

It contained card features such as belts and sunglasses to attach onto pink balloons, making your own member of the Blobby family!

The pink balloons were moulded by their collars, creating Mr Blobby's pear-shaped body.

The set also included stick on yellow dots, to create Mr Blobby's unusual complexion along with various eye shapes and facial features.

The set came in a handy carry case.

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