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Single Duvet and Pillowcase Set

What better way for a young Blobby fan to show their support than covering their bedroom with pink and yellow spots? 

The official Mr Blobby duvet shows him having fun on his roller skates, did you know that Mr Blobby roller skates really do exist?



Advert from the Radio Times Magazine (20th November 1993)

Mr Blobby 1995 Calendar

British high street chain Superdrug distributed a Mr Blobby calendar for 1995, complete with monthly-themed artwork!

00 Front.jpg


Gibson Lighting, based in Perth, Scotland, produced various character lampshades for their 'Luma Character Shades' range. Shown below is their Blobby Family design, featuring Mr, Mrs, and Baby Blobby. The lampshade simply slots into place with no adhesives needed.


Wall Hangings

These plastic, moulded wall hangings were great for decorating bedroom walls. These designs show Mr Blobby having fun time swimming, and the Blobby family.

Mr Blobby Wall Hanging Decoration
Mr Blobby Wall Hanging Decoration


Another way to decorate your room and show just how much you loved your pink and yellow hero was to plaster your walls with posters! Here are some of those from 90s magazines.

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