On the 10th October 1994, Mr Blobby's second VHS tape was released.

BlobbyVision featured even more of Mr Blobby's antics than ever before, including Postman Blob, Mastermind and even Blobbin Hood!

The tape was priced at £10.99 and starred Barry Killerby, Noel Edmonds and John Pirkis among others.

The Crinkley Bottom Theme Park at Cricket St. Thomas, Chard, Somerset had opened its doors in July 1994 and several scenes were filmed around the grounds.

The nearby Charmouth Beach was used for the Blobwatch (Baywatch parody) sketch.

BlobbyVision imagined Mr Blobby's own television channel which naturally ended in gunge and disaster! 

The VHS tape came with a postcard promoting both the theme park and merchandise, and a competition to win free entry to the park in 1995. 


BlobbyVision was also used to promote Mr Blobby's Hidden History Activity Book, released by BBC Children's.

RAF Crinkley Bottom, filmed on the grounds of Cricket St. Thomas was used on the front cover.

Various scenes were filmed in and around Cricket House, which wasn't open to the public at the time. 

See our gallery below celebrating the BlobbyVision anniversary.




Cricket House, which was used in the television series To The Manor Born from 1979 to 1981, was also used in BlobbyVision, including Postman Blob and the Antiques Show.

The house now is part of the Warner Leisure hotel, where guests can eat in the atrium by the grand staircase and even stay in the manor house!

Though Mr Blobby is long gone from the estate, he still gets a brief mention in their free guidebook.

A special thanks to dunblobbin.com, John Pirkis and Warner Leisure Hotels.

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