One of Mr Blobby's most famous endeavours were the theme parks he took over: Pleasurewood Hills, Lowestoft; Happy Mount Park, Morecambe; Dobwalls, Cornwall; and Crinkley Bottom, Cricket St. Thomas.

Noel Edmonds also had a Blobby-less theme park venture at Gotchaland, Bicton Park.




Crinkley Bottom Park

Opening in July 1994, Mr Blobby took over the already thriving Cricket St. Thomas Wildlife Park near Chard, Somerset.

The park enabled visitors to explore Mr Blobby's house: 'Dunblobbin', and see him, Mrs and Baby Blobby in various live events.

Mr Blobby wasn't the only children's character housed at the park. Noddy was a firm favourite with his 'Noddy in Toytown' attraction. 'The Magic Roundabout's' Dougal, Zebedee and friends could be found in the 'TV's Family Favourites' ride, alongside K-9, The Clangers and Bill & Ben. 

With the existing wildlife, fame from its use in the BBC's 'To the Manor Born' and huge range of family activities, Crinkley Bottom was a hit during the mid-nineties. It was also used in Mr Blobby's second VHS tape, 'BlobbyVision'.

For more information and photographs on the Crinkley Bottom Theme Park, please visit our good friends at Dunblobbin - The Unofficial Crinkley Bottom Museum

You can browse the Official Crinkley Bottom at Cricket St Thomas Guide Book below. It's jam packed with photographs, quizzes and information, showing what it was like to visit the infamous park.


Noel Edmonds' World of Crinkley Bottom,


Opening in the Summer of 1994, 'Noel Edmonds' World of Crinkley Bottom', at Happy Mount Park, Morecambe was supposed to reach the same success Cricket St. Thomas did.

The park, however lasted a mere 13 weeks as Lancaster City Council had a change of heart towards turning Morecambe in another Crinkley Bottom. 

After a loss of £2 million and bitter disputes between the Council and The Unique Group, the park was closed with very few ever visiting the failed attraction.

Pleasurewood Hills,


First opening in 1983, Pleasurewood Hills was originally an American-themed park with their brown bear mascot, Woody. In 1995, Noel Edmonds and Mr Blobby began a three-year stint at the park. This featured the 'Crinkley Bottom Castle' where visitors could go in the famous Gunge Tank from 'Noel's House Party', the 'Grab-a-Grand' Tank was also featured in daily performances.

Visitors could meet Mr Blobby and, on certain days, Noel Edmonds would also make an appearance.

The park also had a dedicated Crinkley Bottom shop, where various Mr Blobby merchandise could be purchased.

Pleasurewood Hills is still open today with many of the rides that were there when Mr Blobby was a resident. You can view their official website here.

Dobwalls Adventure Park, 


Dobwalls Adventure Park in Cornwall consisted of various woodland walks, an art gallery and miniature railways.

During the nineties, they created a Blobby-themed playground and held events named 'Mr Blobbymania', where children could meet their pink and yellow hero. 

Photograph courtesy of Jessi Hill


Bicton Park

In 1996, Bicton Park in Devon hosted one of Noel Edmonds' strangest of ventures. 'Gotchaland' was a theme park based around the 'Noel's House Party' segment where celebrities were pranked by Noel.

The mascot was the well-known 'Phibber'...what do you mean you've never heard of him?!

The frog appeared in Series 9 of 'Noel's House Party' and Noel perhaps thought his green chum could bring as much success as his pink and yellow friend...he didn't! 

The park featured a soft play area, called 'Phibber's Phamily Tree', two mini golf courses and a train line to enjoy to scenery.

The joke was that visitors would be 'Gotcha'd', with empty cages instead of promised wildlife, and a pile of sticks representing a stick insect. The public didn't find the joke as funny as they did on TV, so after opening on 11th July 1996, the park closed its doors only two months later.

"It was a Gotcha but it's not funny, especially when you've paid £4.85 to get in. Kids couldn't see the funny side."

Crinkley Bottom 25th Anniversary

On 2nd July 2019, Dunblobbin and Mr Blobby Collection celebrated 25 years of the Crinkley Bottom at Cricket St. Thomas Theme Park.

We released a Gift Set containing three exclusive postcards, colouring-in pages, stickers and a pin badge, all limited to 50. 

You can read Dunblobbin's blog about the celebrations here!

The Gift Set didn't go unnoticed! 

Here's the September 2019 edition of Picture Postcard Monthly Magazine.

Mark Routh, who focuses on modern postcards, featured our gift set in this specialised magazine, even featuring our artwork!

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