Welcome to Mr Blobby's Activity Page!

Perfect for kids (and big kids) there's plenty to keep you occupied, from the Ultimate Cross Word, Blobby Family masks, Blob-2-Blobs, mazes and colouring in pages!

Print them out and blobby about to your heart's content!

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Think our Blobby Quiz was a little too easy? Why not test your knowledge with Mr Blobby's Ultimate Crossword? 

If you've paid thorough attention to our website, you may have a slight head start. Good luck!


Finding the Ultimate Crossword rather tricky?

Why not try Baby Blobby's easier version!

Blobby family Puppets


Make your own Blobby family with these puppets!

Word Searches

Mrs Blobby and Baby Blobby have some crafty word searches for you!


Colouring In

Make your own Blobby creations with these colouring in pages. 

Why not send us your finished masterpieces?



Mr Blobby's very clumsy and has lost his way! Help him find the right route in these mazes.


Spot the Difference

Can you spot all the differences in these Blobby pictures?



Want to become a blobby?

Cut out these masks and do your best impressions!


Bedroom signs


Want to signpost your room in a very Blobby way?

Print out one of these signs and make it your own!


You've heard of dot to dots, but in Blobbyland they're called Blob-2-Blobs!


Colour by Numbers

Stuck on which colour goes where? Try this colour by numbers, even Baby Blobby can do it!