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'Mr Blobby Collection' is the world's largest collection of Mr Blobby memorabilia.

We're dedicated to celebrating the weird and wonderful legacy of Mr Blobby and all the merchandise that arrived with him, creating nostalgia for the Blobby generation!





Beginning his journey to fame in 1992 on Noel's House Party, Mr Blobby pranked celebrities including Wayne Sleep and Garth Crooks, awarding them Gotcha Oscars.

Before long, Mr Blobby became a star in his own right, recognisable to every British household in the 90s.

He took the UK by storm, receiving more fanmail than Noel Edmonds, before beating Take That to the Christmas No. 1 spot in 1993.

During his fame he brought along a whole lot of merchandise with him, taking over the high street, filling shelves with pink and yellow bits and blobs.

He made businesses millions, had his very own theme parks, and proved to the world the power of silly!

You can view everything from Mr Blobby's heyday, from tomato ketchup to board games here at Mr Blobby Collection!


Mr Blobby's Timeline